Frequently Asked Questions

What's this site for? offers an easy and simple platform to users, to create invitaton card and digital video invitations online. You can create invitations, or wishes video for any festivals, events, occassions, parties, celebrations etc.


Is it free?

Yes, has free Guest plan to choose. Guest user can access all free tagged image / video invitations to create his /her own invitation.


Can "Guest Plan" user access premium templates?
Guest account users can access and create image or video invitations only using free invitation templates only. For premium invitations you have to purcahse it. Each premium purcahse provides 1 (one creadit of HD1080p) and unlimited credits for HD720p, and for that purchased invitation template only. If you have utilized the HD1080p credit, you would have to purcahse again to generate a high quality / high definition video. And that purcahsed credit is "not transferable" to other video invitation templates.


What are the other plans? offers free and premium plans; free "Guest Plan" is for all normal users who create invitations occasionaly. paid "Premium plan" is for the users who create invitations very frequent. With premium plan you get more bulk HD1080p credits and unlimited 720p credits; so the premium user does not require to buy each premium invitation templates separately. Please check plans page for plan related benifits and offers.


Whats HD1080p and HD720p
They mean the quality of the final video invitation. Higher quality means, you can clearly perceive / feel the differene of texts, images and other effects applied on the final invitation video.

What if there is a mistake or incompleteness on the generated video invite? provides an user friendly "edit" option to users, to correct their mistakes on preview. You can create and edit preview video invite unlimited number of times. Click / generate HD1080p or HD720p button, only when you are satisfied with the preview video invitation. If you clicked HD buttons your credits will be utilized.

Can I create "invitation card" or "video invitation" in my native language / mother tongue?
Yes, offers many free and premium inviation templates in other languages, in addition to the default language english. Check invite templates' description whether supports or not.


How long / How much time it takes to create a video invitation?
By average it takes only 2-3 minutes to create preview video. Though it depends upon the video template you have chosen; when compare with manual video invite creation, provides you faster solution.


Can I upgrade from Guest to Premium plan?
Yes, you can upgrade your account from Guest to Premium at any time, from your profile page.


What if my Premium plan expired?
Even if your premium plan expired still you can access your account as a Guest user.


Any support for Premium user?
Yes, premium plan user gets chat support with; Our team will help you to resolve issues thru chat support. For support, you have to start the conversation by clicking the button "Need Help?" near each inviation, in my account page.


Do you save credit card / debit card / online payment details for subscription or fast payment suggesstion?
No. We "do not" save your any card or payment related details for any purpose. If you are a premium user, you have to pay at end of your cycle to keep your plan active.